Challan: If you ride a bike wearing slippers, be careful! Now the invoice will be cut

Challan For Riding Bike In Slippers:  Motor vehicle drivers must follow all necessary traffic related rules. This will have two advantages, firstly that a safer traffic environment will be created and secondly that the police will not challan you. Otherwise, a challan is deducted by the police for violating the rules related to traffic, the fine of which can be very high. Apart from this, in some cases you may also have to go to jail. In such a case, if you want your challan not to be deducted, then follow the traffic rules.

However, there are some traffic rules that most of the people are not aware of and they feel that they are all rules. are traveling by following They don’t even know that they are violating the traffic rules and then when the traffic police catch them, they come to know that they have violated the traffic rules.

< strong>Ban riding a two-wheeler with slippers

One such traffic rule is about not riding a two-wheeler while wearing sleepers or slippers, which probably few people know about. In fact, according to the current traffic rules, it is not allowed to drive two-wheelers wearing slippers or slippers. It is essential to wear fully closed shoes while riding a two-wheeler. Failure to do so may result in a fine of Rs 1000.
Also, it is necessary to wear pants and a shirt or T-shirt while riding a bike or scooter. Violation of this rule may also attract a fine. Apart from this, if we talk about the general rules, there is a penalty of Rs 1000 for not wearing a helmet on the bike. Along with this, if you do not have the documents related to the bike, a fine of thousands of rupees can be imposed.

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