CBI Raids: Leaders in CBI’s net; 65 percent during UPA, 95 percent during NDA

CBI Raids : Irrespective of who is in government, there are allegations of misuse of central investigative agencies by the opposition. The BJP was alleging that the Congress-led UPA government was misusing the CBI. Now, the BJP-led NDA government is also being accused of the same. However, the statistics regarding the action taken by CBI is shocking. 95 percent of the political leaders who have been prosecuted by the CBI in the BJP-led NDA government’s crackdown are from the opposition. It was 60 percent during UPA. 

How much action during Congress?

According to a report by ‘The Indian Express’, important information has been revealed through verification of off court records, official documents, information provided by investigative agencies, reports. After the NDA came to power in the year 2014, there has been a big increase in the actions of the investigative agencies against the opposition leaders. During the 10-year tenure of the Congress-led UPA government (2004 to 2014), at least 72 political leaders were under CBI action. 43 of these political leaders i.e. almost 60 percent of the leaders were from opposition parties. 

Opposition target during NDA rule

NDA government led by BJP came to power in 2014. Then, in the last eight years, 124 political leaders faced CBI investigation. 118 of these leaders i.e. almost 95 percent are from opposition parties. During the second tenure of the NDA government, 12 former chief ministers, 10 ministers, 34 MPs, 27 MLAs, 10 former MLAs and six former MPs were caught in the CBI’s net. So, during the tenure of the UPA government, apart from four former chief ministers, 2 ministers, 13 MPs, 15 MLAs, one former MLA and 3 former MPs were caught up in the CBI investigation round. 

Suspension of action 

According to a report in Indian Express, if a leader who is on the CBI’s radar switches parties, the action against him goes cold. ‘Indian Express’ had asked CBI some questions about this. The Indian Express said the CBI did not respond to their query. An official declined to comment further, saying it could just be a coincidence. 

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