"By criticizing the Supreme Court, the Law Minister has crossed the line"; Harish Salve targets Kiren Rijiju

Supreme Court and Government Tussle: Currently Central Government (Central Government) and Supreme Court on many issues. Be it non-compliance with the recommendations of the collegium or the issue of appointment of the Election Commissioner, it is seen that the tension is continuously increasing on all these issues. Now Senior lawyer Harish Salve (Harish Salve) has made a statement in this regard. In which they Law Minister Kiren Rijiju (Kiren Rijiju) has been directly targeted. Salve has targeted saying that Rijiju has crossed the Laxman line. Discussions have started that the dispute between the central government and the Supreme Court is now raging. 

What exactly is the matter?

A few days ago, the government issued a notification that Arun Goyal has been appointed as the Election Commissioner. This appointment was challenged in the Supreme Court. After that the Supreme Court raised many questions. After that, the Supreme Court had asked the government for complete details regarding this appointment. Also, it was asked how this decision was taken in less than 24 hours. The central government is being accused of appointing Arun Goyal to this post immediately after his retirement. Which is against the rules. At the same time, the government replied that this has happened before and no rules were violated.

What did Law Minister Kiren Rijiju say?

Senior lawyer Harish Salve has made a statement about the Law Minister after the appointment of the Election Commissioner. Discussions have arisen across the country due to this. When the Supreme Court gave harsh words to the government regarding the appointment of the Election Commissioner, the Law Minister had replied. Questioning the Supreme Court’s criticism during an event, Rijiju had said, "What kind of question is this? If that is the case, people may further ask how the collegium selects the names of the judges. Questions can be raised on this too. Judges should speak through their judgments and avoid such reactions."

During his speech, Salve also mentioned the Sedition Act. In which he has said that the Supreme Court should repeal the Sedition Act. Because according to them this was a colonial law, which is against the freedom of expression.

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