Bombay High Court: ‘Can’t Allege Rape Later Merely Because You’re Not Married’, Bombay High Court

Bombay High Court On Rape Case Verdict: The Bombay High Court has observed that merely because a relationship between two adults has soured or the relationship has not resulted in marriage, one of them can be guilty of rape later on. Can’t allege. Justice Bharati Dangre, in his judgment delivered on March 24, acquitted the man accused of rape.

It may be noted that a woman had registered a rape case against the man in 2016 at the suburban Versova police station. A copy of the judgment in the matter was made available this week.

What did the court say?

The court has said, "Two adults come together and enter into a relationship, in such a situation no one can be held guilty of the act (rape) merely because the relationship between the two did not go well at some point of time or it could not result in marriage for some reason."

The woman (26) had claimed in her complaint that she had met the man through social media and had physical relations with him on false promise of marriage. Later, the man approached the court to be discharged in the case, pleading innocence. Accepting the plea of ​​the petitioner, the Justice took note of the fact that the two were in a relationship for eight years. 

Justice Dangre said that merely because the relationship had turned sour, it cannot be inferred that on every occasion the physical relationship was made against her will. The judgment noted that according to the complainant’s own statement, she consented to physical relationship not only for marriage, but also because she (complainant) was in love with the person.


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