Bodybuilder Amir Chand : Abhi To Main Jawan Hoon! The story of an 88-year-old man from Punjab who beat cancer

Bodybuilder Amir Chand : Cancer creates fear in people’s minds. But even at the age of 88 after overcoming a serious illness like cancer, the Punjabi bodybuilder’s fitness puts the youth to shame. The name of this old bodybuilder is Amir Chand and he is from Ludhiana in Punjab. Actor Aamir Khan is also a fan of this 88-year-old bodybuilder. This bodybuilder has won the battle of life by beating cancer.  

Amir Chand started body building at the age of 12. Amir Chand is 88 years old today. But, even today, he never misses a single day of exercise for fitness. So even at this age he has a fitness that puts a young man to shame. After body building, Amir Chand started working as a manager in a bank. But, while working, in 1984 he was attacked by cancer. After being diagnosed with cancer, he came to Mumbai and underwent cancer treatment. After treatment, Amir Chand literally came out of death row. Amir Chand did not lose heart even after coming out of a very difficult situation.  After recovering from cancer, he started body building again and won the title of Mr. Punjab again. 

Aamir Chand’s son Vikas said, "Our family is vegetarian. Even though my father was surrounded by cancer, he won the life-and-death battle and started body building again. Following in father’s footsteps, our family also exercises for two hours every day. 

Ameer Chand started with Junior Wrestling Championship. He got inspiration from his father.  Amir Chand says, I have never eaten meat, practiced only by eating milk and milk products. I was born in Lahore. I learned to wrestle watching my grandfather and decided to pursue a career in body building. In my first win, I got five kilos of almonds and a prize of five rupees. I used to run to the market at night for my practice. If young people want to do bodybuilding, they should not run after protein and sattide. Instead, eat desi and pure food. Almonds, walnuts, soybeans, gram, peanuts, milk, cheese should be eaten. 

says Amir Chand. I was born in Lahore. After partition, our family moved from Lahore to Gujrwala and then to Jammu. After Jammu we moved to Amritsar and later settled in Ludhiana in Punjab. Our family had brought nothing with them when they came to Punjab. So we worked very hard with father. While taking admission in the college, the principal made a condition that admission will be granted if he wins the competition. The principal made me compete with his college students. I won this, after which I was admitted.  

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PHOTO : 88-year-old bodybuilder after overcoming cancer has fitness that puts the youth to shame, see photo 

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