Big action of the Income Tax Department! Raids on homes of SP leader Abu Azmi’s close associates

Mumbai: Income Tax Department has taken a big action. Around 30 places related to Ganesh Gupta and his wife Abha Gupta, close associates of Samajwadi Party leader Abu Azmi, have been raided. Abu Azmi Maharashtra, Samajwadi Party is the president. Ganesh Gupta was the secretary of Samajwadi Party. According to sources, the raid is in connection with unaccounted assets. The raids are underway in Mumbai, Varanasi, Kanpur, Delhi, Kolkata and Lucknow.  
Income Tax Department has also raided Vinayak Nirmal Limited in Varanasi. It is alleged that Abha Gupta has created a large amount of unaccounted assets in this company. A few months ago, the Delhi team of GST raided this place. The raiding team is said to be looking for some documents. Currently, the search operation of the Income Tax team is going on. IT has also raided Kamal Mansion in Kulabya. Abha Gupta and Abu Azmi have their offices here.   

Income tax department had earlier indicated to take action against Abu Azmi. But still Azmi was not alarmed. According to the information received, raids have been conducted at around 30  places including Mumbai. However, no response has been given by the Samajwadi Party on this entire issue.  

The income tax department has also raided Kanpur-based Kurele Group, which manufactures SNK Pan Masala. Meanwhile, raids were also conducted at the premises of Kurele Group’s real estate business in Delhi. During the raid, the IT team is checking all the documents of Kurel Group.  

Who is Abha Gupta?
Abha Gupta is close to Abu Azmi and wife of SP General Secretary Ganesh Gupta. Ganesh Gupta has passed away. Currently raids are being conducted at many places of Abha Gupta. Raids have been conducted in the premises of Vinayak Nirman Limited Company in Varanasi. Abha Gupta is said to have invested heavily in the company. Along with this, Vinayak Nirman Limited is also on IT’s radar.

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