Big Achievement: 3.29 Million people got employment in 10 months under Self Reliable India Scheme

New Delhi : Dependent India Employment Scheme ( A B R Y ) are now visible. Under the scheme launched to provide employment to the unemployed during the lockdown and to avoid loss of jobs, last 10 About month 3.29 Millions of jobs have been created. This information is provided by Employees Provident Fund Organization (EPFO)

English Website Economic Times One year after the launch of the self-reliant India employment scheme, the country under this scheme In almost 3.29 Millions employed. However, the government has approved the scheme"font-family: Mangal;"> March 2022 Until the end of 5.85 Aims to provide employment to millions of people. In 2.56

Total Jobs From 2.88 Millions of new employees , While 0.41 Million again Employment is a beneficiary. Even September 2021 1,845 Crore were , Which 31 March , 2024 Spent up to 22,810 Crores of rupees only 8 Percent.

Dependent India Employment Scheme November 2020 ‘ < 1 October 2020 To 30 June 2021 Was created for , But during the second wave of the epidemic, it was called 31 March 2022

Know what is self Dependent India Employment Scheme ? Who and how will get the benefit

Under this scheme , Government 1 October , 2020 And 31 March , 2022 Between 1,000 For all new formal jobs in employee companies for two years 24 Percent ( For employees and employers 12 Percent ) Compensates. This scheme 15,000 Employees earning less than Rs. Per month Applies to.

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