Bhilwara Crime News: The woman accused Tantrik of rape, he was blackmailing by making a video

Bhilwara News: A woman in Mandal of Bhilwara district near Ajmer has accused a tantric of raping her on the pretext of curing her illness. Tantrik is accused that he was blackmailing the woman by making a video.

The woman filed an FIR against Tantrik Dharmaraj Sharma. done The woman says that for the last two years, Tantrik took her to many places on the pretext of curing her illness. She alleged that Sharma told her that her illness was caused by a wandering spirit  because of After this Tantrik raped the woman. The woman has stated in the FIR that when she told her husband about the incident, her husband threw her out of the house along with their three children. went to meet

The woman told that she Covid, a tantric from the city visited Sharma. She visited him because she was not feeling well and was depressed. She went to Tantrik Dharmaraj Sharma with her husband. The tantric told the woman that she was under the influence of a wandering spirit and had to perform pooja to cure her.

He was blackmailing the woman by making a video. ; 

According to the woman, Sharma demanded money from her to perform the pooja. He also raped her. He alleged that Tantrik also made the video. After making a video, he started blackmailing the woman. The woman said that Sharma was still threatening her. SHO Vinod Meena said that a case has been registered and an investigation has been started.
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