Bharat Jodo Yatra: Twitter war started over Rahul Gandhi’s expensive T-shirt

Twitter war: During the Bharat Joko Yatra being conducted under the leadership of Rahul Gandhi, the Bharatiya Janata Party has attacked Rahul Gandhi by sharing a picture of his t-shirt. The Bharatiya Janata Party has shared a picture of Rahul telling the price of the T-shirt brand. In which the BJP has alleged that the price of this T-shirt is Rs 41,257. With the Bharat Joko Yatra along with the BJP, Tanj wrote with a tweet that, ‘Look at India’ 

Bharat, dekho!

— BJP (@BJP4India) September 9, 2022

On this attack by the BJP, the Congress has also retaliated. It has been said by tweeting from the Congress that, oh… have you panicked? Seeing the crowds of people on the Bharat Joko Yatra. Talk about the issue, talk about unemployment and inflation, if you want to discuss the rest of the clothes, let’s talk about Modiji’s 10 lakh suit and 1.5 lakh glasses. ="twitter-tweet">

Hey… অন্ব্র গেযায কায়? Seeing the crowd in Bharat Jodo Yatra.

Talk about the issue… talk about unemployment and inflation. Suits and glasses worth 1.5 lakhs will be talked about.

Tell me what? @BJP4India

— Congress (@INCIndia) September 9, 2022

Congress MP also took aim

Congress MP Jairam Ramesh also responded to BJP, retweeting BJP’s tweet. The ruling party at the center has a t-shirt that reads, This is how pity comes, the answer to the biggest ever Kanyakumari-Kashmir Join India Yatra. In the world’s largest democracy, when one party is uniting the country, the divisive party is still stuck in t-shirts and khaki knickers, fear is good."

Rahul Gandhi accuses BJP

Earlier Congress MP Rahul Gandhi has targeted BJP by holding a press conference. He alleged that the BJP has appointed its people in the institutions of the country. Rahul Gandhi said that, he puts pressure on those people who are against him. We are used to fighting political parties but now the fight is not between parties, it is between the ruling structure and the opposition. It’s not an easy fight and not many people want to fight. 

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