Bharat Jodo Yatra: ‘PM Modi worshipers get everything, but…’

Rahul Gandhi Visit Mahakal Temple: Congress’ Bharat Joko Yatra is passing through Madhya Pradesh. On Tuesday, the Yatra passed through Ujjain. Meanwhile, Congress MP Rahul Gandhi also offered prayers at Sri Mahakaleshwar temple in Ujjain. Rahul Gandhi also addressed a public meeting in Ujjain. He gave his speech "Jai Mahakal" started with the slogan of.

The former Congress president said that this is your city, there is a temple of Lord Shiva. If we believe in Shivji then why do we believe, can anyone tell? The greatest ascetic Shivaji, Lord Krishna ascetic, Lord Sri Ram ascetic. If we look at any deity of Hinduism, it seems that everyone is an ascetic. Only God does not do penance, India is a country of penance. Sannyasi is worshiped in Hinduism.

Tanj on PM Modi

Rahul Gandhi further said that you said that you took Yatra from Kanyakumari. Performed a great penance, but it is not a great penance. Let me tell you what penance is. In Corona, the laborers who went from one corner to another are called tapasya. The farmers who feed us do penance. Gardeners, barbers, menial labourers, they practice penance and die doing it. The Congress MP said that what we are doing is nothing. My question is that Hinduism says that ascetics should be served. A doer of penance gets nothing and a worshiper of Narendra Modi gets everything. Roads, electricity, water are all available. Two to five people worship the Prime Minister and they get all the money.

What else did Rahul Gandhi say?

He said that first Petrol was Rs 60, now it is Rs 107. They ask me that we are ascetic people, why all the money is going to these people. It is written in the Gita that penance should be done but the fruit should not be seen. Every day I meet young people on these streets, they have done penance, they have studied, they have even taken beatings for mistakes, they give exams by penance, but they have ruined their future. Today the kids told me they want to be engineers. I did penance, my father is a farmer, he also did penance. My mother cooks, she also did penance. In this country, penance does not bear fruits.

Talked about small shopkeepers

Rahul Gandhi said that he talks about small shopkeepers, they You also have to talk to the press. Today I went to Mahakal. Pandit ji told me that I like your press conference. I said I learned from you. A small shopkeeper works, he doesn’t have much money, a big industrialist has money, he has no problem if his cash stops, but not so with shopkeepers. I talk about them because these people provide employment to the country.

"People’s heart rate increases at 8 o’clock"

The Congress leader said that people look at the clock, as soon as 8 o’clock, people’s heart rate increases. It is said that at 8 o’clock Modi ji did demonetisation. They are afraid that if they go to 12 o’clock then they are afraid because at this time GST had given They tried to do the same with the farmers but they could not do it. What is their purpose? Suppress the hermits of India, crush them and take their money and give it to industrialists

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