Bharat Jodo Yatra: On the 11th day of Bharat Jodo Yatra, Gandhi met the farmers

Bharat Joko Yatra: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi said on Sunday on the 11th day of the Joko Bharat Yatra that there is no progress without goodwill, no employment without progress and no future without employment. Rahul Gandhi said this at the end of the 11th day of the party’s visit to Vandanam. Addressing a gathering at the end of the tour on Sunday, Rahul took aim at the BJP and Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

He alleged that the BJP has divided the country on religious and linguistic basis. Distributing on ’ Rahul said that a few businessmen close to the Prime Minister may monopolize their business but a common man is still unable to take a loan. Meanwhile, he also targeted the Left government of Kerala.

Kerala government is also on target

Rahul Gandhi said in a Facebook post. That Alappuzha has shown me something new – a glimpse of Kuttanad agriculture, paddy farming techniques. He said that I met the farmers of Kuttanad, these farmers are affected by the insensitive attitude of the state and central government apart from the environmental change. He expressed the hope that my visit will help them and their problems will come before the people.

Addressing the people, he said that there is no progress in a house where brothers and sisters fight. This is what Makki and BJP are doing to our country. They are doing this to benefit two or three very rich people. Gandhi said that a few businessmen close to the Prime Minister can monopolize any business sector. If they want roads, ports, airports, 
‘Hate cannot solve problems’

Rahul Gandhi said that the Prime Minister claims that rising prices of essential commodities, Unemployment, problems faced by common people can be solved in a second. But, I don’t want to lie to my people. These are complex issues and cannot be resolved if our country is divided. Roads will never be fixed, unemployment will never go away and the prices of essential commodities will never come down with hate.

The Congress leader said that traveling through the beautiful land of Kerala, one can learn to see its rich diversity. The experience was Gandhi also met the sand mining affected families who have been protesting for 466 days. He said that during the 466-day dharna, there is uncertainty every day whether their land, life and livelihood will improve in the near future. I have resolved to walk for all these people. Its goal is to give them a voice and hope. It is to fight for what they really deserve.

How far traveled in Bharat Joko Yatra
This Yatra has covered more than 200 km so far. It will resume tomorrow morning from Punnpara in Alappuzha district. Hundreds of people, including women and children, gathered on both sides of the road to see Gandhi. Those participating in the yatra will stop at Carmel College of Engineering and Technology, Punnapara, located at a distance of 3.4 km. will go The trek will start from Kanyakumari in Tamil Nadu and end in Jammu and Kashmir on September 7. Entering Kerala on the evening of September 10, the ‘Bharat Joko Yatra’ will pass through seven districts before entering Karnataka on October 1. The journey will pass through different parts of the state (Kerala) covering a distance of 450 km.


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