Before the 2024 elections, the genie of EVM came out again! Uddhav faction said in ‘Saamana’- BJP should show courage like Bangladesh

Saamana Editorial Today: Bangladesh’s Sheikh Hasina government has agreed not to use EVMs in this year’s general elections. EVMs have been the cause of political controversy not only in India but also in Bangladesh. Now, after the decision to remove EVMs in India’s neighboring country and conduct Lok Sabha elections through ballot paper, politics has intensified in India too. In the editorial of ‘Saamana’, the Thackeray group has taken a dig at the BJP and made many serious allegations. 

It has been written in the editorial alleging that democracy is being killed everyday in India and to save democracy, the opposition is coming on the streets everyday, but the vehicle of dictatorship in the name of democracy is running fast. Dictators come to power by winning elections through illegal means and sit on the chair forever. This is what is going on all over the world and in India. Electronic Voting Machine ie ‘EVM’ By hacking, BJP wins the Lok Sabha elections. The secret of BJP’s popularity and victory lies in that ‘EVM’ is in That’s why this method should be stopped and elections should be conducted again with ballot paper. 

‘People have no faith in EVMs’

It has been written in Saamana that for the last seven years the opposition of our country has been demanding to stop EVMs. Everyone should be given ‘EVM’ But there is doubt, because people have not believed in it. It is believed that democracy is in danger in the election system on which people do not trust, but the Election Commission of India, the Supreme Court, the President have banned ‘EVM’ The demand of the prisoner was turned down every time. Worldwide ‘EVM’ It has stopped, but it continued to run in countries like India and Bangladesh. Now in Bangladesh also ‘EVM’ has been banned and the upcoming general elections will be conducted through ballot paper, the Election Commission of Bangladesh has announced. 

Elections will be held in Bangladesh in January 2024 

General elections in Bangladesh are going to be held in January 2024 and voting will be done on ballot paper. Democracy is being crushed in India, yet a nation adjacent to the border built by us, on the demand of the opposition ‘EVM’ Shuts down and is going to conduct elections with ballot paper to protect democracy. It shows the honesty and fearlessness of the rulers of that country. Doubts should be removed from the minds of the people. The Election Commission of Bangladesh has taken the decision to conduct elections using ballot papers instead of EVMs in order to conduct elections in a fearless and transparent manner. Bangladesh’s Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and her Election Commission cannot be praised enough. 

EVMs target democracy

Darkness is increasing in the name of democracy in India, but there are rays of hope across the border. Our country will get inspiration from those rays. In our country ‘EVM’ Those who talk of closure are called anti-national or anti-Modi. ‘EVM’ There is something wrong and there could be a scam. The courage shown by Bangladesh should be shown by the BJP. Then they are real men. All opposition parties united against EVM under the leadership of Sharad Pawar. They should take inspiration from Bangladesh. Let the monstrous machine that brought victory to the BJP be shut down once and for all! Greetings from Bangladesh! 

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