Be careful! Challan can be deducted because of your dress, two-wheeler drivers should know this rule

Be careful!  Challan can be deducted because of your dress, two-wheeler drivers should know this rule

Challan rules: There are many safety rules for two-wheeler riders in the country, but the surprising thing is that most motorcyclists are not aware of the traffic rules. This is the reason why sometimes motorists get confused with the traffic police. 

Actually very few people know that your attire while driving a two-wheeler can also result in a challan being deducted. It may sound surprising, but according to the traffic rules, a dress code has been fixed for two-wheeler riders. That means there is a rule about clothes and shoes while driving a two-wheeler.

You can’t ride a motorcycle wearing slippers
Actually you can’t ride a motorcycle wearing slippers. . If this happens, the traffic police can deduct your challan. Driving a motorcycle with slippers, sandals or floaters is an offense under the Motor Vehicle Act. The reason behind this is that the grip is weak due to this type of footwear and the foot can slip. 

Also, this type of footwear can cause the foot to slip while shifting gears on a motorcycle. There is a possibility that an accident may occur. In such a case, a challan of up to 1000 rupees can be deducted from the bike owner. It is very important for a driver to follow the correct dress code while riding a bike. For example, pants, shirts or t-shirts should be worn while riding a motorcycle. It should cover the body completely. 

The reasoning behind this is that in case of any accident, these clothes can protect the body to some extent. If you ignore this rule, your challan may be deducted up to Rs.2000. So, follow these rules while riding a bike.

Let us tell you that according to the World Bank, about 1.5 lakh people die in road accidents every year in the country. Every 4 minutes a person loses his life in an accident. According to a statistic, most of the people who die in accidents include two-wheeler riders.



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