Banks will be closed for 5 days this month, know complete information…

Chandigarh: Half of the month of September has passed and only half is left. In such a situation, if there is any important work related to your bank, then complete it on time. Because five of the remaining days of September are bank holidays. That is, in 15 days, there will be work in banks only for 9 days. At the beginning of September, we told you that there will be a total of 13 bank holidays this month, of which 8 days have already passed. If you want to go, make a plan to go only after knowing about the holiday. The list of holidays is released by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) every calendar year. Many holidays are observed at the national level, during which bank operations are closed across the country. Apart from this, there are some local holidays, in which the banks of a particular region remain closed. These holidays vary from state to state.

List of Bank Holidays after 15 September
18 September   Sunday Holiday
September 21   Sri Narayan Guru Samadhi Day
24 September   Fourth Saturday
September 25   Sunday Holiday
September 26   Navratri Establishment

According to the RBI calendar, September 21 will be a bank holiday in Thiruvananthapuram and Kochi. Banks will be closed on this day due to Sri Narayan Guru Samadhi Day. Jaipur and Imphal in Manipur will be a bank holiday due to the establishment of Navratri on September 26. Apart from this, banking related works will not be able to take place on September 24 as it is the fourth Saturday.


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