Baijayant Jay Panda: Why did you leave Naveen Patnaik? Be emotional, Jai Panda said – this is very personal, told the whole story

Baijayant Jay Panda: Why did you leave Naveen Patnaik?  Be emotional, Jai Panda said – this is very personal, told the whole story

 BJP Vice President Baijayant Jay Panda Story: BJP’s National Vice President and former MP Baijayant Jay Panda has told the story of leaving Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik. Once upon a time he was very close to CM Patnaik and had a very good role in Biju Janata Dal (BJD).

He was one of the founding members of BJD. He was the Lok Sabha MP from Kendrapara seat of Odisha from May 2009 to July 2018. Prior to this, he was also a Rajya Sabha MP from April 2000 to April 2009. Talking about Patnaik, he got emotional and said that it is very personal. Speaking to Lallantop, Baijayant Jay Panda said, “Very personal, very specific to our family.”

He told in detail the story of separation from Biju Janata Dal and Naveen Patnaik. He said, “Even I could not understand till now, but actually if you see, it is not only my point, leave me, it should be asked that so many political friends, so many senior Biju Janata Dal leaders, so many Why have his close aides turned away from him?

‘These leaders were pulled out one way or another’

During this, Jai Panda also listed the names of some leaders who separated from BJD. He said, “Dilip Rai, Vijay Mahapatra, Ramakrishna Patnaik, Brij Kishore Tripathi, Arjun Sethi, Nalani Mahanti… the list is long. He played a very important role in establishing the Biju Janata Dal and he was either expelled by someone or some obstacle was put in his political career. Were they all ambitious and because of that they parted ways?"

He further said, "Only one person who has been in a post for 30 years is not ambitious, all others are ambitious. It is not so. I could not understand because  There was also a close friendship and not only of our generation. For decades my father and late Biju uncle.. Biju Patnaik were very close friends.”

‘…but there was no solid reason’

Jai Panda said that in the Biju Janata Dal, for the last seven-eight years, the party has been doing this, those who are already connected, they start making false allegations against them. To prove the allegation, they send news from three sources in the same way, there are many such, this is my analysis, but there was no solid reason for it. Many such leaders, senior leaders have been expelled from BJD.” 

He further said that Late Arun Jaitley used to say that he had never seen such an example. Sometimes it happens that one or two leaders do not settle down properly, some get separated, but separating 20-25, 40 leaders is unusual. 

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