Attention Fraud in the name of increasing Instagram followers, a minor girl was cheated of thousands

Attention  Fraud in the name of increasing Instagram followers, a minor girl was cheated of thousands

Mumbai News: Instagram has become a platform where people share their photos, stories, reels etc. However, now Instagram is also being used to cheat people. One such case has come to the fore from Mumbai, where a minor girl was duped. 

The matter is of Mumbai Goregaon East. Here a 16-year-old SSC student was made a victim of cyber fraud. According to the information, the girl student was tricked into increasing the number of followers on her Instagram and other social media accounts to 50,000. The student lives with her parents. According to Vanrai police, the girl has a social media account on her father’s mobile phone. She was watching reels on Instagram when she got a follow request from an Instagram handle named Sonali Singh. After which both started talking. 

Get 10,000 followers from 600 
The police officer said that the girl was lured to increase her followers to 50,000 on social media accounts. After which Sonali Singh told the minor that she would have to spend ₹ 6,000 for this. The officer told that the girl had only ₹ 600 with her. To send which the girl asked for the QR code. After sending the QR code, the minor transferred money from his father’s account to Google Pay. According to the information, Singh then told the girl that with ₹600 she would get only 10,000 followers. After which on Monday (March 6) when the girl came to know that her followers had not increased, she asked Singh to return her money. 

Fraud case has been registered 
The police officer said that Singh told him that she was not able to send the money as there was some problem in her account. Singh then asked the girl to transfer the entire money from her account, which she would return with ₹600. The official said that a girl student of a Goregaon-based school transferred the entire amount of ₹55,128 in her father’s account to Singh’s UPI ID, believing that she would get the entire money back. On Tuesday (March 7) when the girl’s father checked his phone, he came to know that there is ₹ 0 balance in his account. After which he asked his daughter, she told about the transfer of money. According to the information, the girl’s father is a businessman. The girl’s father approached the police and got a case registered against the forgery. We have registered a case of cheating under relevant sections of Indian Panel Code and Information Technology Act and are trying to trace the UPI ID where the girl transferred the money, said the police officer.

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