Assam Meghalaya: Five people from Meghalaya killed in Assam police firing, internet services shut down in seven districts after violence

Assam Meghalaya Border Clash: Assam Meghalaya on Tuesday morning. Five people from Meghalaya were killed in this firing. Also a forest guard of Assam died. Due to the violence that followed, the internet facility in seven districts of the region has been shut down for the next 48 hours. The incident took place when the Assam Police were cracking down on a truck smuggling forest timber. 

Meghalaya’s West Jaintia Hills, East Jaintia Hills, East Khasi Hills, Re-Bhoi, Eastern West Khasi Hills, West Khasi Hills and South West Khasi Hills districts have decided to shut down internet services for the next 48 hours. Meghalaya Chief Minister Konrad Sangma said that six people have died, five from Meghalaya and one from Assam. People who are critical in this are undergoing treatment at a nearby hospital. 

Firing as the truck did not stop 

A truck approaching the Assam border was ordered to stop by the Assam Forest Department. But as the truck did not stop, Assam Forest Department personnel opened fire. The driver, his assistant and another person were arrested after the tire of that truck got punctured. One person managed to escape. After that, the forest department informed the police. 

As soon as they got the information about this incident, people gathered at this place and demanded the release of the arrested accused. The crowd surrounded the forest department staff and the police. The police then opened fire to bring the crowd under control. Five people from Meghalaya were killed in this, along with one forest employee. All this information was given by Assam Police. 

Meghalaya Chief Minister Konrad Sangma while giving information said that the incident is being investigated on behalf of Meghalaya Police. The matter has been discussed with the Chief Minister of Assam and he has assured all cooperation. An agreement was reached on March 29 to resolve border disputes between six of the 12 inter-regional zones with a km border. Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma and Meghalaya Chief Minister Conrad Sangma signed a memorandum of understanding to resolve the inter-state border issue in the presence of Union Home Minister Amit Shah.

What is borderism? 

The government of Assam and Meghalaya had come up with a draft proposal to resolve the border dispute between six of the 12 inter-regional zones that share an 884 km border. According to this, out of 36.79 sq km of land, 18.51 sq km will be given to Assam and the remaining 18.28 sq km to Meghalaya. This land dispute started after the separation of Meghalaya from Assam in 1972. He is cleared to escape with this deal. 


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