Ankita Murder Case: ‘Prostitution and illegal drug business was going on in the resort’; A claim by a couple working in a hotel

Ankita Bhandari Murder Case : Ankita Bhandari murder. Ankita Bhandari was working at Pulkit Arya’s resort. She died suspiciously. Pulkit Arya is under arrest in this case. Now the former employees of the resort have made a new disclosure in this case. The couple has claimed that illegal activities like prostitution and narcotics are going on in the resort of the accused Pulkit. They have said that this couple left the job in the resort after getting information about the illegal activities in the resort. According to the police investigation, Ankita Bhandari was pressured to do prostitution business in the resort after investigation of the WhatsApp chat. Further investigation is underway in this case.

Vivek Bhardwaj, a resident of Meerut and his wife Ishita, who are now working in the resort, have made a big revelation in the Ankita murder case. The couple has said that they were employed in this resort six months ago. Ishita was employed as Front Office Manager and Vivek as Room Service Manager. At this time many black businesses started in the resort. These include prostitution, drug parties. Girls used to be brought from outside for prostitution in the resort. They were asked to fulfill the ‘special wishes’ of guests at the resort. Seeing all this, this couple quit their job in this resort.

What is the Ankita Bhandari murder case?

Ankita Bhandari was employed as a receptionist at Pulkit Arya’s Vantara resort in Uttarakhand. Ankita was 19 years old. She was missing for five days. Her body was later found in a river in Rishikesh. Accused Pulkit Arya and his friends are accused of murdering Ankita. Pulkit Arya is the son of BJP leader Vinod Arya and after this case he has been expelled from the party. Apart from this, the accused’s brother Ankit Arya has also been removed from the party by the BJP. All the three accused were brutally beaten up by the mob. Currently, all the three accused are in custody. Many agitations and demonstrations were held by citizens to get justice for Ankita.

Ankita went to Rishikesh with Pulkit

CCTV footage of Ankita leaving the resort with Pulkit and his friends and going to Rishikesh came into the hands of the police. Ankita went with Pulkit and his friends but never returned. According to media reports, the foursome namely Ankit, Pulkit and his friends had gone for a walk in Rishikesh. At this time Pulkit and his friends drank. He then pressured Ankita to have physical relations. But Ankita opposes him and threatens to tell everyone. After this Pulkit and his friends killed her by pushing her into the river.

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