Anil Antony Joins BJP: Younger son told about AK Antony’s condition after his brother joined BJP, ‘I have never seen father so sad, tears…’

Anil Antony Brother Ajith Rection: A day after Congress leader and former Union Minister AK Antony’s son Anil Antony joined BJP, his brother Ajith has told the condition of the house. He also told about the condition of his father AK Antony. He is the younger son of AK Antony. Ajit said that his father was sad after seeing Anil joining BJP. He said that he had never seen Papa so sad. 

According to the news agency PTI, Ajit Antony said on Friday (April 7), “Papa (AK Antony) was sitting in a corner of the house with extreme pain. I have never seen him so weak like this in my life. He just didn’t shed tears.” Ajit said that his brother would have his own reasons for joining the BJP. She used to get many derogatory calls from unknown workers of the Congress party, which must have hurt her.

‘…will throw out like curry leaves’

Ajit said, “I had thought that he (Anil) would stay away from the Congress party in anger but never thought that he would go to the BJP.” This decision was completely unexpected.” With this, Ajit said that Anil’s joining BJP was a very impulsive decision. BJP will throw them out like ‘curry leaves’ after using them temporarily. However, he said that he was sure that Anil would correct his mistakes and return to the Congress.

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