Amritsar To Birmingham Flight: Air India flight will also fly on Mondays in the month of October, know the ticket rate

Chandigarh: Air India flights from Amritsar airport in Punjab to Birmingham will fly twice a week in the month of October. Till now this flight used to fly once a week. Looking at the demand, the passengers’ pockets are also going to get some relief with the launch of this new flight.

According to the Air India website, the Amritsar-Birmingham flight used to fly every Friday, but looking at the demand, It has been decided to run twice a week in the month of October. This flight will fly from Birmingham to Amritsar on every Sunday and also from Amritsar to Birmingham on Mondays. will fill Currently, no change has been made in its time. The flight will take off from Amritsar at 12:45 PM and reach Birmingham in 9 hours. Also, this flight from Birmingham will take off at 8:30 PM and reach Amritsar at 8:10 PM.

Tickets are now available for Rs 51,000
Directly from the launch of this new flight. The benefit is going to the passengers. Passengers had to pay one to one and a half lakh rupees for the flight departing on Friday, but for the flight starting in October, passengers can now make bookings for Rs 51,000. Currently, Air India is booking this flight only for the month of October.

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