Amit Shah on Shraddha Murder Case: Maharashtra Police to investigate Shraddha Walker case; Union Home Minister Amit Shah’s statement

Amit Shah on Shraddha Murder Case: Statement that the Maharashtra Police will investigate the Shraddha Walker Murder Case

Union Home Minister Amit Shah speaking on Thursday said that, "The accused in the Shraddha Walker murder case will be given severe punishment in the shortest possible time. I have my attention on the whole matter. I just want to tell the people of the country that anyone who has committed this act will be severely punished by the law and the courts in the shortest possible time." 

Shraddha wrote a letter to the police to complain about Aftab’s threats

Shraddha Walker case is being investigated by Delhi and Mumbai police. Amit Shah also clarified that there is no lack of coordination between Delhi and Mumbai police. Also speaking further, he said that, "The letter that has appeared. Delhi Police had no role in it. Shraddha had sent a letter to a police station in Maharashtra and told that Aftab was threatening to kill her by cutting her body into pieces. But no action was taken at that time. The same will be investigated. We did not have a government at that time, so whoever is responsible at that time, strict action will be taken against them." 

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Aftab cut Shraddha’s body into 35 pieces 

BJP Mumbai President Ashish Shelar took action on the letter written by call center employee Shraddha Walker in November 2020 Maharashtra has questioned the alleged failure of the police. Shraddha Walker wrote in the letter that Aftab Poonawala, Shraddha’s live-in partner, tried to kill her. Aftab is accused of killing live-in partner Shraddha Walker and dismembering her into 35 pieces.

Aftab allegedly kept these pieces of Shraddha’s body in a 300 liter fridge for about three weeks at his home in Mehrauli, South Delhi. He used to roam for several days to throw pieces of Shraddha’s body in different parts of the city in the middle of the night. He was arrested by the Delhi Police on November 19.

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