Amit Shah Exclusive: Will Uniform Civil Code be implemented in Gujarat? Amit Shah clearly said

Amit Shah Exclusive : A committee has been formed to implement the Uniform Civil Code in Gujarat. Therefore, it is predicted that the Uniform Civil Code will be implemented in Gujarat before the assembly elections. Speaking about this, Amit Shah said, "Enforcing the Uniform Civil Code has been part of our agenda since the inception of the Jana Sangh. The Equal Citizenship Act is the Bharatiya Janata Party’s commitment to the people of the country. From the Jana Sangh to the Bharatiya Janata Party, it has been part of our election manifestos to have a uniform civil law. But, this is being opposed by the Congress from the very beginning. Congress has done politics of appeasement since the beginning.  The Constitution provides for the guardian principle under Article 44, wherein the framers of the Constitution expected that in future the Parliament of the country, the legislatures of the country should enact a uniform civil law. There should be no law on the basis of religion throughout the country through uniform civil law. Both Article 14 and Article 15 make it clear that any person should be treated equally. No one should get special treatment, no injustice should be done to anyone on the basis of religion.  

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