Amanatullah Khan Arrested: Allegations against MLA Amanatullah Khan baseless; Big reaction from ‘AAP’ after ACB’s action

Delhi: Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) of Delhi arrested Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) MLA Amanatullah Khan on Friday. ACB has taken this action in a two-year-old corruption case related to alleged illegal appointments in Delhi Waqf. Earlier, ACB conducted raids at five places including his residence. 24 lakhs and two illegal and unlicensed weapons were seized in the raid. After Amanatullah Khan’s arrest, AAP has stood by him and called the allegations against him baseless.

"Amanatullah Khan’s arrest is baseless. His house and office were raided and nothing was found. This is a new attempt to defame AAP and tarnish the image of MLAs."has been explained by us.

What exactly is the case?
Amanatullah Khan was accused of corruption related to alleged illegal appointments in Delhi Waqf. Amanatullah Khan while serving as Chairman of Delhi Waqf Board in 2020 illegally recruited 32 persons in violation of all rules and government guidelines. This allegation was made by the then CEO of Delhi Waqf Board. After this action was taken by ACB. 

Manish Sisodian’s tweet after Amanatullah Khan’s arrest
Manish Sisodian’s tweet after Amanatullah Khan’s arrest. In which he said,  “First they arrested Satyendra Jain, but no evidence could be presented against him in the court. They raided my house. Nothing was found there. A fake investigation was then started against Kailash Gehlot and now Amanatullah Khan has been arrested. Operation Lotus is going on to crack every AAP leader." 

In the ACB operation, Amanatullah Khan’s relatives attacked the ACP team outside Amanatullah Khan’s house, the police have also said. Khan’s relatives and others surrounded the police force. An FIR has been filed in connection with the attack on the police team by relatives of Amanatullah Khan.

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