Allahabad High Court’s major decision directs Center to consider Uniform Civil Code.

New Delhi : To consider the implementation of the order. The Allahabad High Court has termed the Uniform Civil Code as a requirement of the country and directed the Central Government to implement it."font-family: Arial Unicode MS;"> Asked to consider. Note that Article 44 of the Constitution 44 , Regardless of their religion or caste. The Uniform Civil Code states that marriage , All religions in divorce and division of property And the same law should apply.

Should be brought to The court said , " It can’t just be made voluntarily , In view of the concerns and fears expressed by members of the minority community , Such as Dr. . By BR Ambedkar 75 Said years ago. "

Couples of different religions register marriage High Court for Security . Hearing the same case, Justice Suneet Kumar said that the need of the hour today is that Parliament Single family code Bring it. Difference Religious couples Avoid falling prey to criminals One or the other is needed.

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