Ajit Doval termed terrorism and ISIS-inspired terrorism as the biggest challenge against humanity

Ajit Doval On Islam: National Security Adviser Ajit Doval termed cross-border terrorism and ISIS-inspired terrorism as the biggest challenge against humanity. During a discussion on the role of Ulema in maintaining peace and social harmony between India and Indonesia in New Delhi on Tuesday, Ajit Doval said that extremism and terrorism are against Islam, because Islam means peace and prosperity.

In a delegation of high-level ulema accompanied by Indonesia’s NSA Mahmud Muhammad, Doval said that opposition to such forces should not be seen as a conflict against any religion. He said that the energy of the youth needs to be directed in the right direction. Religion should not be used lightly. Ulema should also use technology to deal with propaganda and hatred. He also said that there is no place for hate speech, prejudice, propaganda, violence and abuse of religion in a democracy. The stage is set. Our goal is harmony and peace in Asia. He said that the relationship between India and Indonesia is centuries old, even during the Chola dynasty, India had trade relations with Indonesia. Our deep relationship is also due to tourism – tourists from all over India visit Bali, there is also a Hindu temple. The first largest Muslim country in the world is Indonesia while India is the third largest Muslim country. Many Sufis in Gujarat and Bengal are of Indonesian origin.

He said that the ulema could do this work better because they are deeply connected to the civil society. 1.7 billion world population we are both and Indonesia is an example of harmony. After this, Indonesia’s NSA Mahmud Mohamad said that Indonesia believes in tolerance and coexistence. We believe that we should learn from each other and adopt each other’s best practices.

Religion means unity, not separation. Religion must be part of the solution to global problems. Mahmud Mohamad added that Indonesia has 1000 local languages ​​and more than 700 tribes. We have learned unity in diversity and to overcome discrimination and intolerance.

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