Air Suvidha Form: Relief for international air travelers, no need to do RT-PCR, Air Suvidha form also cancelled

New Delhi: The central government has given relief to all international travelers coming to India. Passengers no longer need to fill Air Suvidha Form if they want to come to India. Also passengers

All international passengers coming to India were forced to fill the Air Suvidha Form (Air Suvidha Form) during the Corona period. Through this, all the information about the health condition of the passengers at that time was being collected. Along with this, the passengers had to fill the vaccine certificate and negative RTPCR report. According to the new rule, there is no need to do both these things. 

What was the Air Suvidha Form? 

Air Suvidha Form (Air Suvidha Form) As per the rules, all travelers above five years of age coming to India from abroad had to undergo RT-PCR test before travelling. RTPCR testing is economically expensive in some countries of the world. Considering Maldives, RT-PCR test costs Rs.7000. Due to the latest decision of the central government, these things are going to be closed now. Due to this, passengers coming to India have got a kind of relief.

Airline passengers are not required to wear masks 

It is seen that the number of corona patients in the country has been under control for the past few days. Therefore, the central government has given relief to the passengers traveling internationally and domestically. It will not be mandatory for passengers traveling by air to wear masks. Also, passengers who do not use masks will not be fined. The relevant directives have been issued by the Central Government. However, passengers are advised to wear masks. 

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