Air India: Tata group’s big preparations, process of merger of three airlines into Air India – Report

Air India : Tata Group (TATA Group) has recently become a state-owned airline Air India (Air India) was bought. Tata Sons (TATA Sons) will now merge its three remaining airlines Vistara, Air Asia and Air India Express into Air India. According to a report, the process of merging them with Air India has also started. If this plan of Tata Sons is successful, Air India will become the second largest airline in the country in terms of fleet and market share. Singapore Airlines is a partner of the Tata Group. It is understood that Tata has held talks with Singapore Airlines in this regard. According to a report by Economic Times, this news comes to light.

Low-cost full-service airline
According to sources, Air India will be a full-service low-cost airline. An official announcement about this can be made within a week. Both airlines may resume commercial operations soon. But it may take more than a year to start working as an entity. 

Discussions with Tata Singapore Airlines
According to reports, Tata has held talks with Singapore Airlines and Vistara will merge with Tata. Agreed to do. Singapore Airlines is an expansion partner of the Tata Group and after this merger, Tata Singapore Airlines, which operates the expansion, may merge with Air India. Airlines and full service airlines will be created. This entire process may take up to a year to complete. Vistara and Air India may resume commercial operations soon. However, Tata Sons and Vistara have not commented on this for now.

Singapore Airlines to have 20-25 percent stake in Air India
Singapore Airlines will have 20-25 percent stake in Air India. . Along with this, it is being said that some board members of ‘Vistara’ will be included in the board of Air India. Currently, Singapore Airlines has a 49 percent stake in Tata Singapore Airlines, the parent company of the expansion. Tata Sons and Vistara did not comment. Tata Sons holds a 51 percent stake in Vistara. Recently the Tata Group completed the merger of Air India Express and AirAsia India. 

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