Accident at Ganpati Visarjan, more than 15 people died due to drowning, know the situation of Punjab

Ganpati Visarjan 2022: A lot of enthusiasm is seen among the devotees during Ganesh Visarjan across the country. Meanwhile, accidents took place in many parts of the country during the immersion of Ganapati’s idol, in which many people lost their lives. According to media reports, 15 people have lost their lives due to drowning in Haryana and Uttar Pradesh, although many people have been rescued.

Accident in Punjab

While taking a dip in the strong water of the canal in Bathinda, the young man got swept away, after which an attempt was made to find him with the help of the administration, but so far no trace of him has been found. Apart from this, a 22-year-old youth has died due to drowning in the canal during immersion in Barnala. The divers have recovered the body of the young man from the canal after about three hours of difficulty. According to information, the youth Sunil Sharma Dixit used to work at an electrical shop at Barnala. A 22-year-old youth died due to drowning in the Ranike canal during Sri Ganapati immersion. 

Accident during immersion in Haryana

On the occasion of Ganapati immersion in Haryana A major accident took place in Mahendragarh district. In fact, 4 youths died after falling into the canal during Ganpati immersion. According to the information, 9 youths were swept away in the strong current of water, out of which the rest were rescued, but in the meantime, 4 youths died due to drowning. In Sonepat too, the news of an accident on the occasion of immersion has come to light. Two youths from the district were swept away in the Yumna river during idol immersion. After which the body was recovered by the administration.

Death due to drowning also in Uttar Pradesh

Different accidents during Ganapati immersion in Uttar Pradesh 8 people lost their lives. 4 children of the same family drowned in the Ami river in Sant Kabir Nagar. It is being said that 4 children lost their lives trying to save a child after he suddenly went into deep water. Apart from this, there was an accident during the Ganesh immersion in Unnav district in which 5 people were swept away in the strong current during the immersion, after which they were pulled out with difficulty in the water and 2 of them died. In Jhansi, there was a big accident on the occasion of Vasarjan, on this occasion, 2 youths died due to drowning. 11 people were injured due to generator wire breaking during Ganesh immersion in Panvel. Who have been admitted to a local hospital for treatment.

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