ABP C-Voter Survey: Know what is the mood of the country before the 2024 elections? People have expressed their opinion on these issues

ABP C-Voter Survey: Looking at 2024, all the political parties of the country have started preparations from their level. All parties are busy strategizing at their own level. The country’s oldest political party, Congress, has started a Bharat Joko Pad Yatra from Kanyakumari to Kashmir to regain its lost Janadhar.

Also, Bihar CM Nitish Kumar has met almost all opposition parties for opposition unity. In such a situation, to understand the mood of the country, ‘ABP News’ has conducted a quick survey with the support of C-voters. Let’s know what questions have been asked by the people of the country in this survey.

Aadvantage or loss for ‘AAP’ by raiding liquor scam?

Advantage&nbsp ; – 40%
Loss- 42%
No difference – 18%

Question – Will the Modi factor be heavy on caste religion issues?

Yes – 60%
No  – 40%

Would Nitish Kumar be able to unite the opposition?
Yes – 44%
No – 56%

If Nitish Kumar becomes Prime Minister If the candidates become the BJP’s advantage or disadvantage?
Advantage  – 53%
Disadvantage- 47%

Would Congress gain or lose by having a president from outside the Gandhi family?
Benefit  – 64%
Loss- 36%

Bharat Zoho Yatra will help Congress in elections?

Yes – 50%
No – 50%

Is the survey of madrassas in UP right or wrong?

Yes – 69%
No – 31%

Should there be a survey of madrassas across the country like UP? >

Yes –  75%
No – 25

Note: This quick survey for abp news on Congress’s Connect India journey  C-voter has  done  is 6,222 people have been interviewed in this survey. Survey results are based on people’s personal opinion. It has nothing to do with ABP News. The survey has a margin of error of plus minus 3 to plus minus 5 percent.

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