AAP claims, AAP will get 140 to 150 seats in Gujarat, BJP-CONGRESS will be limited to 32 seats

Gujarat Assembly Election 2022: Election Commission has announced the dates of Gujarat Assembly Election 2022. Now the atmosphere of elections in the state has heated up. A few minutes after the Election Commission’s announcement, AAP chief Arvind Kejriwal also shared a video in the name of Gujarat, in which he said that give AAP a chance, AAP will build free electricity, schools and hospitals for the people. .

At the same time ‘Aap’ Saurabh Bhardwaj’s chief spokesperson has also claimed to NDTV after the announcement of the date that ‘AAP’ The party is now winning 90-95 seats out of 182 and if this pace continues, we will win 140 seats and 150 seats. This time the party is fielding candidates for all 182 constituencies. In 2017, AAP contested only 30 seats. This is the reason why the presence of ‘AAP’ did not make much difference in the elections then. Bhardwaj targeted both BJP and Congress. He said that the Congress says that its campaign is a strategy and describes itself as the main opponent. Bhardwaj said that Congress is not even in the elections this time, Congress has been rejected and eliminated. Congress and BJP play a friendly match.

AAP’s strategy to accelerate in Gujarat 

Bhardwaj further claimed that this election is about Mohalla clinics and is about world-class education. As you have given to the people of Delhi. Kejriwal during the last few months, Chief Minister of Punjab

Congress had a good hold in 2017

However, when it comes to the elections held in 2017, So apart from Congress and BJP, no third party was even close to the competition. Congress had left a good impression in Gujarat. Along with this, BJP recorded a decline in the number of seats it won in 2017 compared to 2012. In 2012, when Modi was the Chief Minister of Gujarat, the BJP won 115 seats and 47.85 percent of the votes, and in 2017, the BJP got only 99 seats. Congress had captured 77 seats in 2017.

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