’65 MLAs of Gehlot camp are not ready to make Pilot Chief Minister’, Gehlot party officials meet

Rajasthan Politics: There is talk that Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot is contesting for the post of Congress President. There is talk that Gehlot will leave his post as Chief Minister if he becomes President. During this discussion, Congress has called a meeting of the legislature party today.  MLAs of the Gehlot group are having a meeting at the house of minister Shanti Dhariwal, who is close to Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot. Sachin Pilot’s problems are increasing in this meeting.

According to the sources, around 65 MLAs are present in this meeting at the house of Shanti Dhariwal, Minister of Rajasthan Government. This includes more than 18 ministers. As per the strategy decided in the meeting, all these MLAs will not agree to the name fixed by the High Command in front of the ministerial inspectors. They will demand that any of the other MLAs should be made the Chief Minister. Sources have said that this MLA is opposing the name of Sachin Pilot. Sources have also said that if the name of Sachin Payal goes ahead, there may be a revolt by the MLAs of the Gehlot group. 

Due to this meeting, the meeting of the legislative party is likely to be delayed. Ashok Gehlot has just left the house and now he is going to the hotel to meet Mallikarjun Kharge and Ajay Maken. Legislative party meeting can be held from 7.30 pm. Congress president has appointed Mallikarjun Kharge and Ajay Maken as observers and in-charges for this legislative party meeting to be held in Jaipur.

Regarding the CLP meeting to be held in Jaipur, Congress MLA Rajendra Singh Guda said that if all 101 MLAs do not attend the CLP meeting, won’t the government lose its majority? I am not present in this meeting. MLAs are present at my house. He said that we stand by the decision of the Congress High Command. Meanwhile, Rajendra Singh Guda was with Ashok Gehlot even in the political crisis of Congress in 2020. 

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