5G Services Launch : From internet to download speeds, how much faster is 5G network than 4G? Read the benefits of 5G

5G Services Launch : by the Prime Minister of the country Narendra Modi in the hands of 5G internet service launched. The service was launched by the Prime Minister at the India Mobile Congress event. India Mobile Congress is being organized from 1st to 4th October at Pragati Maidan, Delhi. Currently, 5G services have been launched in selected cities of the country. However, the Prime Minister has said that this service will start in most cities of the country by 2023. But before that what is 5G? And understand how 5G services differ from 4G.  

What is 5G service?

5G stands for Fifth Generation of Service. This is a new global wireless system. The internet speed of 5G will be many times higher than 4G. Currently, 5G service is available in USA and China, USA, South Korea, UK, Spain, Canada, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Italy, France, Thailand and Sweden in 2018. 5G works in three bands.  low band, mid and high frequency band spectrum.

4G VS 5G
100 MBPS Internet Speed 10 GBPS 
200 MBPS Area Coverage  1 GBPS
25 MBPS  Data Transfer Speed 400 MBPS
100 MBPS Download Speed 20 GBPS 
60-98 milliseconds Letsy Speed Less than 5 milliseconds 

Benefits of 5G Launch : 

  • After launch of 5G services A new era of automation will begin. This means that the things which were limited to big cities will now be available in the villages as well. 
  • After the launch of 5G services, there will be a digital revolution in the country. Robotics technology will evolve. The country’s economy will gain momentum. Also, e-governance will expand.
  • Given the way people’s dependence on the Internet has increased post-Corona, 5G will help make everyone’s life better and easier. 
  • 5G Technology Artificial Intelligence , will open up new avenues for healthcare, virtual reality, cloud gaming.
  • A 2 GB movie will be downloaded in 10 to 20 seconds over a 5G network. Virtual reality and robots will become easier to use in factories. 

Important news : 

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