31 killed in boat accident on English Channel

Paris : English Channel on Wednesday 31 Immigrants die. All immigrants a boat Were going to Britain. France’s interior minister has called it the biggest tragedy for immigrants. Home Secretary Gerald Derman said the boat And estimate 34 People were on board. He said authorities on Wednesday arrested five women and a girl, including 31 31 Bodies found, two rescued One person is still missing. It is unknown at this time what country the passengers are from.

Struggle , The number of people immigrating to Britain in the hope of poverty and a better life is increasing , Who risk their lives to sail from France. A joint French search for survivors

Regional lawyer kills after incident , Organized non Inquiry into legal immigration and other allegations launched. Authorities are working to identify the victims and determine their age and nationality, said Carol Etienne, a lawyer for the Lille Prosecutor’s Office, which oversees the investigation. He further added that as more details about the passengers come out , Many countries may be involved in the investigation.

And accused of not doing enough in this regard.

" Shock from the incident , Shock and deep grief " Is. It reveals that the French authorities have violated their territorial waters. " Breaking down the business model "

According to the French Maritime Agency for the region A French helicopter and a British helicopter joined the search operation with three French patrol boats.

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