22 September In History : Proposal for establishment of East India Company, death of Guru Nanak and patent of ice cream cone, these events happened in history

Mumbai: Today is the 22nd day of September. Today there were some events that happened in the country and around the world that we should be aware of. The proposal for the establishment of the East India Company (East India Company), which pushed India into the abyss of British slavery, was presented on this very day, 22 September. Also, Guru Nanak, the founder of Sikhism, also died on this day. Company) entered India for the purpose of trade and captured Indian power based on imperialist policy. The East India Company was established in Britain to trade spices and other things with India. The date 22nd September is very important in the history of this company. On 22 September 1599, a meeting of major traders in London was held at Founder’s Hall and it was proposed to establish the East India Company to trade with India. This is considered as the first step towards establishing a company. Later, the East India Company was established in 1600. 

1539- Death of Guru Nanak, founder of Sikhism 

Founder of Sikhism and first Guru Nanak of Sikhism (Guru Nanak). He died on 22 September 1539. He died in Kartarpur, which is currently in Pakistan. This place is very sacred to the Sikh community and is now known as Dera Baba Nanak. 

1792- Establishment of the Republic of France 

On this day in 1792, the National Convention founded France. It announced the end of the monarchy and the establishment of a republic in the country. The National Convention, in power from 1792 to 1795, saved France from disintegration and kept it united. On September 21, 1792, citizens voted to end the monarchy. The very next day, the end of the monarchy was announced. In France, the common people had to pay taxes for the luxurious lifestyle of the royalty and feudal lords. However, they do not want to get facilities to that extent. Public anger against the monarchy in France led to a political revolution in France. 

1903- Italo Marchioni patented an ice cream cone 

Ice cream is a favorite of people of all ages around the world. Food. This ice cream is available in different varieties. Among them, the angle type is more popular. Etola Marchioni of America got a patent for the same ice cream angle on September 22, 1903. 

1949- Russia tested the first atomic bomb 

After World War II, America (US) and Russia (Russia) in the world. These two superpowers emerged and the world was divided into two groups. Capitalist countries led by America and communist countries led by Russia. The rivalry between these two countries started at all levels and the Cold War erupted. The competition between these two countries also started in terms of arms. Russia tested its first atomic bomb on September 22, 1949.

1955 : Television commercialization begins in Britain, six-minute commercial 

Television commercialization begins in Britain on September 22, 1955. . This allowed six minutes of advertising to be aired every hour. However, these advertisements could not be displayed on Sunday morning.  

1965- India-Pakistan ceasefire declared 

In 1965, the first war was fought between India and Pakistan (India-Pakistan War). India defeated Pakistan in this war. Later, the United Nations intervened and announced a ceasefire on September 22, 1965. 

1988- Publication of National Geographic Magazine 

National Geographic Magazine of the National Geographic Society. Magazine) was launched on this very day, 22 September 1988. The magazine was founded nine months after the founding of the National Geographic Society. This magazine mainly covers science, geography, history and world culture. It is one of the most prestigious magazines in the world. It is especially famous for its colorful and attractive photos. 

2011- Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi passed away 

Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi was an Indian cricketer and was Nawab of Pataudi. He was married to Bollywood actress Sharmila Tagore in the year 1969. He became the captain of the Indian cricket team only at the age of 21. He was popularly known as Tiger Pataudi. He died on 22 September 2011 due to lung disease. 

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