YS Sharmila: YSRTP president Sharmila was arrested.

YS Sharmila: YSRTP president Sharmila was arrested.

A case has been registered in Panjagutta police station against YSRTP president Sharmila. Hyderabad police have registered a case under sections 353, 333,337. Earlier, Hydrama ran for a while on Raj Bhavan Road. YS Sharmila's car, which created a ruckus on Raj Bhavan Road, was lifted by the police including Sharmila and taken to the police station. The police took the car away with a crane. The activists reached SR Nagar Police Station and protested for the release of Sharmi. The police also arrested them. The police have blocked barricades everywhere to prevent anyone from coming to the police station. Earlier, Sharmila was stopped by the police when she left for Pragathi Bhavan with a wrecked car. Sharmila expressed her anger that she was forcibly arrested by the police while she was fighting for the people.

Whose car is it?

However, all eyes are now on Sharmila's car. The car lifted by the police on the Raj Bhavan road in Hyderabad is a Toyota Fortuner. Its price is 50 lakhs. The registration number is KA51ME151. A search for the answer to the same question reveals that this is a car registered in Karnataka. The car lifted by the police on Hyderabad's Raj Bhavan Road is registered in the name of SRS Energy Private Limited company. If we analyze what is the relationship between that company and Sharmila... it seems that YS. Sharmila is a director in this Bangalore based company. The same car was moved by the police today.

But another thing is that there are evidences that this same car has violated the traffic rules several times in the past. Two traffic challans are pending against this car in Telangana. A challan for over speed driving in Khammam Kinnera Centre. Another challan for over speed and dangerous driving is pending in Kondapur, Hyderabad. Apart from these two cases, the traffic police have now moved Akara for disrupting the traffic. It seems that a total of three challans have been registered on the car.

What actually happened:

YSR Telangana Party leader YS Sharmila has been arrested once again. Police arrested YS Sharmi near Panjagutta. On Tuesday morning, they went out of the Lotus Pond of Hyderabad under the police's blind eye. The police suspected that they had gone towards Pragati Bhawan from Lotus Pond. YS Sharmila came out of the house blindfolded by the police and went to lay siege to Pragathi Bhavan. As part of this, the police found him crossing Panjagutta Circle towards Pragathi Bhavan. However, the police stopped the efforts of YS Sharmila, who tried to drive towards Pragathi Bhavan while driving the car that was destroyed in the attack yesterday. After that she was arrested and taken to SR Nagar Police Station.

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