YS Sharmila: “I am not afraid of cases, I am not afraid of threats.. She took a step forward to serve people”.. Sharmila fires on TRS

Telangana Politics is becoming hot. YSRTP president YS Sharmila has come under intense fire on the behavior of the ruling TRS, BJP, Congress and YTP on the Telangana government. He said that they are threatening to file cases against him and that he is not afraid of anyone. He asked whether cases will be filed if we talk about the corruption, irregularities and atrocities of the rulers. He concluded that what was here was a tiger cub and he was not the type to fear. Minister Niranjan Reddy (Niranjan Reddy) said that he only asked that he does not know the difference between mother and sister and whether any woman can be called Maradalu. He said that if the person who spoke rudely to him filed a case, then he would have filed an FIR. He expressed his anger that if he complains against Niranjan Reddy, he will not care. He asked if they think they can complain anywhere that they are in power. They challenged Dammande to arrest him. He made it clear that he is a child of YSR and is not the type to be afraid of the police. YS Sharmila said that the ruling party leaders were afraid that TRS leaders would be exposed with his padayatra. Dammante challenged the TRS to stop her padayatra. He commented that he will see how the march will be stopped.

They will file cases against me.. they will call me to the assembly.. tell me to come if you dare. He will come walking… he will come walking… he will come standing up… tell me when he will come. Will you give me a date… would you like me to date you..? Come inside the assembly…come ahead of the assembly. Sitting in front of the assembly and speaking in public.. Ask me what to ask. Ask me what I said wrong. I am not afraid of your cases… I am not afraid of your threats. Even if the decision is taken to stand on the side of the people. He took a step forward to serve the people of Telangana. As long as there is life in this voice, the child of YSR will stand. You will faithfully serve at the Chief Minister level the day you are given the opportunity. I will fight for you until I get a chance. I did not take my complaint of being the chief minister's child. And what is the situation of the common woman.. They have turned the police into KCR's pawns. What RSS is to BJP, these policemen are to KCR.

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- YSR Telangana Party President YSR Sharmila

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