Yadadri MMTS: MMTS till Yadadri..!.. Minister KTR’s announcement sparks hope..

The Yadadri temple, which is the most ambitiously reconstructed temple in Telangana, is witnessing a tremendous increase in the number of devotees. Though there is a railway line near this temple, which is at a distance from the city of Hyderabad, people who come to visit Swami face difficulties due to lack of services. There are demands to extend the MMTS trains serving the city up to Yadadri temple. With this, the government has already decided to provide a travel resource at a low cost. MMTS considered it appropriate to extend the second phase and prepared plans. However, it was not possible in the field. Hopes have sprung up with the latest announcement by Minister KTR. MMTS second phase railway line is being constructed on a 21 km route from Secunderabad to Ghatkesar. Ghatkesar to Yadadri is another 32 kms. The state government hopes that if the second phase of the road is extended, devotees can easily go to Yadadri.

At that time it was estimated that it would be Rs.330 crores. While the Railway Department has to provide Rs.110 crores as their share, the State Government has to provide Rs.220 crores under two shares. If the second phase is completed, it will be possible to reach Yadadri with a ticket of Rs.15 from the city. Recently Municipal Administration Minister KTR announced that Rs.200 crore will be allocated. Meanwhile, the Central Government had earlier ordered to change the name of Rayagiri Railway Station to Yadadri Railway Station. With the change of name of the railway station, Yadadri gained prominence across the country. It is known that in 2016, MMTS center sanctioned up to Yadadri.

On the other hand, the doubling line between Falaknuma - Wajanagar has been completed and made available with electrification. With these works, the second phase of MMTS has reached its final stage. MMTS has been serving the people of Hyderabad-Secunderabad twin cities for 17 years with lowest charges. MMTS services started in 2003-04 with 48 services with six coaches. Initially 13 thousand people used to travel in it. In 2011-12, the number of services increased to 121 and the number of passengers reached 1.25 lakh. At present 1.65 lakh people are reaching their destinations in these. It has been decided to extend the second phase of MMTS to 84 km with a view to further expand the suburban services.

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