Yadadri: Minister Roja visited Yadadrishu.. Interesting comments on CM KCR..

Yadadri: Andhra Pradesh Minister RK Roja visited Yadadri Lakshminarasimha Swamy today. On the occasion of Swati Nakshatra, Minister Roja participated in Shataghatabhisheka. A special pooja was performed to the Lord. Speaking to the media after visiting Yadadrishu, she said that it is a pleasure to visit Swami on the day of Swati Nakshatra in the month of Shravan. Minister Roja expressed confidence that Swami will grant him more courage and redoubled enthusiasm to serve the people. He said that he got the post of minister after visiting Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy in the past and now he will give more power.

At the same time Telangana Chief Minister made interesting comments on KCR. CM KCR praised the Yadadri temple for being built so wonderfully. He said that the construction of Yadadrishu temple was KCR’s predestiny. He said that God will build a temple with whoever he likes and CM KCR got that fortune.

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