Viral Video: Three people died on the spot in a road accident.. Shocking video viral

Viral Video: On the one hand governments, officials and social activists keep warning you not to do these things as they are harmful to you and the society. But there is no shortage of people in the world who go their own way without heeding such warnings. There are many such people especially in India. It is written on the walls that ‘garbage is prohibited here. Such scenes are often seen on the roads as well. Vehicles are constantly moving on the roads. People risk their lives and cross the road recklessly. Even if underground and bridges are built for pedestrians to cross the road, not many people care about them. They cross the road in a hurry wherever they want. Then they lose their lives due to unexpected accidents. A video related to this incident is currently going viral on social media.

In this video, a man is risking his life to cross the road.. Cars and bikes are speeding on the road. In such circumstances, a passenger lost his life when he was hit by a speeding bike while crossing the road. In the video, a person can be seen trying to cross the road while the vehicles are speeding on the road. Meanwhile, a speeding bike rider hit him. Moreover.. that motorist fell on the road. At the same time, a speeding truck ran over him. Three people died in one small incident. Now you think who is at fault in this accident?

Accident video for three people:

It seems that this terrible incident took place in Hyderabad. The video was shared on social media platform Twitter with the id @siddharthk63. Three people, including the bike rider and a pedestrian crossing the road, were killed in the accident.

It is written in the caption of the video that the police have registered a case in this regard. That is why it is said to cross while looking at the road and do not try to cross the road in the area where vehicles are moving at high speed.

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