Twin Towers: Recycling Twin Towers waste is a challenge for us: Re Sustainability CEO

Twin Towers Demolition Waste: Super Tech Twin Towers in Noida were recently demolished for violating norms. These 102 meter high state-of-the-art buildings were brought down in just 10 seconds. It is known that more than 30,000 tons of garbage and waste have been dumped after the demolition of these two huge towers. And what about this waste? How to remove them? Is the move that easy? When asked, Masood Malik, CEO of Re Sustainability from Hyderabad, told many interesting things. Re Sustainability (formerly Ramkey Enviro Engineers Ltd.), a well-known environmental management circular company in Asia, has been entrusted with the management of these construction and demolition wastes. And how to recycle this huge waste? What does Masood Malik say about reusing more than 90 percent of the material in this debris?

It is a challenge to completely collect and recycle this waste and make it reusable. Our company will process 300 tons of waste per day for three months. Our aim is to convert this waste into building materials, favoring outstanding infrastructure constructions with recycled materials. This material will be manufactured at our plant in Noida. In the future, we are working to separate this waste into suitable materials and make available the technology so that they can be reused,' said Masood Malik.

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