TSRTC: TSRTC good news for Dussehra commuters.. Additional buses and facilities

Dussehra is not only for the people but for the management of RTC. On the one hand, RTC wants to drive buses according to the traffic and increase the income. On the other hand, Telangana RTC has given good news to those who travel in RTC buses in this order. Special arrangements have been made for those who are going to their hometowns for Bathukamma and Dussehra festivals which are held in great splendor in Telangana. RTC has been on alert as holidays have been announced for the festival and there are about 15 days of holidays. It has been decided to run special buses according to the rush of passengers. This time the RTC officials have decided to run 3,500 special buses to the districts. Plans are being made to run services to this extent. RTC officials expect to run Dussehra special buses from 24th of this month to 7th of October. Apart from JBS and MGBS, the services will run from many major areas of Hyderabad like LB Nagar, Uppal, Kothi, Kukat Pally, Miyapur to the districts.

On the occasion of Dussehra, the authorities have made another facility available for those traveling in RTC buses. Usually cash is taken while buying tickets in buses. This creates a retail problem. But now they have decided to take digital payments without that problem. Even if there is no money in hand, it is enough to have it in the account. Through debit and credit cards. Arrangements are being made to make UPI payments with the QR code of the cell phone, credit and debit cards linked with the bank account. To make travel easier, TSRTC has recently introduced cashless ticket purchase in buses through I-Teams. This facility will be available in Garuda Plus, Garuda, Hitech, Rajdhani and Super Luxury bus services.

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