Telangana: Will Prime Minister Modi put a figure on currency notes.. Minister KTR counters the Centre’s approach

The conflict between the central government and the Telangana government is increasing day by day. If the Prime Minister Modi-led government is not providing any benefits to the Telangana state, the elders of Delhi are saying that the Telangana government is spreading lies and they are still sending the state share funds. Amidst these circumstances Telangana Minister KTR once again fired on the Central Government. Criticisms were made targeting Prime Minister Modi. He complained that there is no possibility of printing Prime Minister Modi’s photos on the currency notes in the coming days. If Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman is given that opportunity, it has been revealed that there are plenty of opportunities to put Modi’s figure on the currency notes printed by RBI. He clarified that there is no need to be surprised if this happens in the future.

On the other hand, Minister KTR expressed concern over the developments taking place in Gujarat during the assembly elections. He objected to changing the name of LG Medical College in Ahmedabad. It is alleged that the name of LG Medical College has been changed to Narendra Modi Medical College. He reminded that Sardar Patel Stadium was converted into Narendra Modi Stadium. Meanwhile, the name of LG Medical College Ahmedabad in Gujarat has been changed to 'Narendra Modi Medical College'. The Municipal Corporation Standing Committee has issued a statement to this effect. Aiming at this, KTR fired on the Prime Minister's manner.

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