Telangana: Transgenders who created history in Telangana.. Appointed as Medical Officers..

Transgenders from Telangana have created history as if we are not inferior in anything. Recently, two transgenders have been appointed as government doctors. Prachi Rathore and Koyala Ruth John Paul were selected as Medical Officers. Got posted as Medical Officers in Osmania General Hospital, Hyderabad. Their appointment as doctors in the government sector is said to represent a historic achievement for the transgender community. However, the family members said that both of them had to work hard to reach this level. Prachi Rathore and Koyala Ruth John Paul expressed happiness over the appointment as Medical Officers.

A great day for the community..

Ruth Janpal said that she completed her graduation in 2018 and since then she has been trying to find a job and she was rejected by 15 hospitals in Hyderabad. He said that they did not tell him that they were rejecting him because of his identity.. but he clearly noticed that. Ruth Janpal says that since her identity came out, hospitals ignored her educational qualification. He said that he is very happy to get the government job and it is also a great day for his community. Dr. Ruth from Khammam town. Studied MBBS from Mallareddy Institute of Medical Sciences.

Ahead with many difficulties..

Prachi Rathore also expressed his happiness on this. He said that he has come to this level after facing many failures. He said that after completing MBBS in Rims, Adilabad, he worked in a private hospital. He claimed that the management of the hospital told him that the number of patients coming to the hospital would decrease if they knew that he was a transgender.

Both said that after many rejections and insults, they joined USAID Transgender Clinic Mitra in Narayanguda in 2021. Meanwhile, many people are happy that both of them have made history as the first transgenders to get government jobs in Telangana.

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