Telangana: The Telangana Government will take strict action against those responsible for the Ibrahimpatnam incident.. A criminal case has been registered against the doctor..

The Telangana government has taken serious action on the incident of Ibrahimpatnam family planning operations. A criminal case has been registered against Dr Joyal Sunil Kumar who performed the operations. Apart from that. Rangareddy DMHO Swarajya Lakshmi, DCHS Jhansi Lakshmi has been transferred. Along with them, the health department ordered disciplinary action against 13 people.

Along with taking action against those responsible, the government has issued guidelines to ensure that such incidents do not recur. The patient should be kept under observation for 24 hours after the operation. It is advised to know the condition of the patient after going home. A hospital cannot perform more than 30 operations per day. Also, the Health Department has ordered to conduct a review on prevention of infection every Monday.

These are the guidelines..

  • Family planning operations should be done as part of hospital services.
  • Operations to be done only on the fixed day. Mandatory observation for 24 hours after operation.
  • According to a predetermined calendar, the operatives can come on any day of their choice.
  • The concerned hospital supervisor should visit the discharged patient once in 24 hours and twice in a week to know the health condition of the discharged patient.
  • The concerned PHC Medical Officer should also go and examine all the operated persons under their jurisdiction within two days.
  • Patients should be monitored by the concerned supervisor or medical officer.
  • Hospital Superintendent, Surgeon, DPL Camp Officer should ensure compliance of pre-operative, intra-operative and post-operative standards.
  • Training classes should be conducted for supervisors from time to time to remind them of problems arising after operations.
  • A special system should be put in place to evaluate the skill of DPEL surgeons once a year.
  • The State Level Joint Director in the Commissioner's office should conduct a review of sterilization with the management officers, surgeons and other staff of the Co. once in three months.
  • Following quality standards, no more than 30 operations should be performed in one hospital in a day.
  • The superintendents who are the chairman of the infection control committee in the respective hospitals should review the prevention and control of infection every Monday.
  • Infection control officers and nurses in teaching hospitals, TVVP hospitals should be trained in new methods of infection control from time to time at Nims Hospital.
  • DME, TVVP Commissioner should ensure that infection prevention standards are followed, especially in operation theaters and ICUs.

What actually happened..

On August 25, four women underwent a family planning operation at the Ibrahimpatnam government hospital. After that, the operation went wrong within a few hours.. Mamta, Sushma, Maunika and Lavanya lost their lives. This incident shocked the state at that time. Relatives of the deceased and opposition parties alleged that the negligence of the doctors was the cause.

Taking this incident seriously, the government has appointed an expert committee to conduct an investigation. It was found that the women were infected due to the negligence of the staff. The inquiry committee asked how they forgot the basic thing that all the equipment used during the surgery should be completely sterilized.. why were they so negligent.

Usually those who have undergone family planning operations need medical services for another week and ten days. Local ANMs and health workers should go to their homes and dress the surgical site. But it seems that it did not happen here. Suspicion at the site of the operation has caused infection in others. The inquiry committee which inquired into all this gave a report to the government. Based on that report, the government took action against 13 people.

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