Telangana: The goal of prolonging the division issues.. Telangana Sarkar is angry with the Center..

The Telangana government has accused the Center of being biased towards the issues of division. That is why the meeting held under the auspices of the Union Home Ministry did not take a single step towards solving the problems. Telangana is demanding a permanent solution to the problems of division of Schedule 9 and 10 institutions.

The Shelabide Committee has made recommendations for 90 institutions on the bifurcation of Schedule 9 institutions. Telangana and AP have agreed to split 45 institutions. Although they have agreed on 15 institutions, Telangana says that AP has not agreed. Also, it strongly objected to AP's proposal to amend the Apportionment Act for a share of the revenue coming to Hyderabad. And the Center has sent Rs 354 crore subsidy to Telangana to AP.. and demanded that those funds be returned.

AP's argument to divide Singareni organization is incorrect Telangana. The Center has responded positively to the railway coach factory in the tribal university and Kazipet. Telangana has also requested the Center to release development funds for backward districts. The Rose Dal is upset over Union Minister Kishan Reddy's comments that the Bayyaram Steel Factory is not feasible. TRS leaders demanded that Kishan Reddy apologize to the people of Telangana. The Ministers and MLAs were angry that once again the Center has cheated the people and tribal youth of Telangana. Panchayat among Telugu states continues as well. The stalemate over partition disputes continues.

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