Telangana: Tahsildar Saru Bhumaya.. He did not want to know if he put it in privacy.. Finally a twist..

Telangana: He has once again proved that he can make a big splash. He acted as a cross for those who were. In the records, he killed a woman who survived because of money. After that he changed the entire script and told the old story anew. So far that story..screenplay..Tahsildar Rajaiah has done the direction. The case of killing the surviving woman in the records is making a lot of noise. Even if there are clear documents, the revenue officials who are turning the farmers away are rolling red carpets for those who like them. They are robbing Andinakadi by acting cross-eyed. The handiwork of Tahsildar Rajaiah is proof of this.

If we go into the details, the land theft incident that happened in Raikod mandal of Sangareddy district has become a topic of discussion. Saying that the surviving Shivamma had died, Rajaiah deeded the land in her name to someone else. Moreover, the death certificate of Shivamma's husband who died in this tarmar was also used.

Patholla Hanmanth Reddy of Naganpally, Raikod mandal has 27.34 acres of land in survey number 198. He died in April last year. After that his wife Shivamma got Abhumi graduated in her name. After her husband's death, she lives with her sons in Hyderabad. But suddenly Shivamma died and Hanmanth Reddy's sister Anjamma booked a slot in Dharani to change the land in her name. Moreover, she also gave the death certificate of her brother Hanmanth Reddy to the authorities. As for how much the deal was made, the entire land was transferred from Shivamma's name to Anjamma's name on 19th of this month without doing any verifications.

After learning about the matter, Shivamma, the land claimant, took her son and met Sarath, the District Administrator of Sangareddy. After examining all the evidences, Sarath found that the matter went against the rules. On his suggestion Shivamma filed a complaint against Anjamma and local tehsildar Rajaiah at Raikod police station. The victim is angry that they are hiding the details of the land in Dharani without getting a chance to check it. It is appealing to take strict action against those responsible. Despite this happening, Tahsildar Rajaiah says that he issued the degree in Anjamma's name only after submitting all the papers properly. Let's see how the authorities will react to this matter.

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