Telangana Secretariat: TRS, which took a key decision regarding the Telangana Secretariat, will it be a check on the BJP?

Telangana Secretariat: TRS has taken a crucial decision regarding Telangana Secretariat. Dr. Rajyanga is the producer of the newly constructed secretariat building in Telangana. BR issued an official order naming Ambedkar. Chief Minister KCR decided to name the new secretariat after Ambedkar. CM KCR has issued instructions to the Chief Secretary of the Government to take action in this regard. As a part of this, the Telangana government has also issued Jivo on Thursday. It is known that the old secretariat is being completely demolished and a new secretariat is being constructed with advanced facilities. The Telangana Secretariat, which is undergoing rapid construction work, will soon be available.

KCR said about this matter.. 'Indian social visionary Mahamedhavi Dr. to the Secretariat, the main administrative complex building of Telangana state. Naming the name of BR.Ambedkar is a source of pride for all the people of Telangana. This decision is ideal for India. The Telangana government is moving forward following the philosophy of Ambedkar Mahasaya that all the people of India should get equal respect in all fields. In the social, political, economic and cultural fields, the self-governing state which continues to maintain the sub-groups at a high level, is behind standing as an example for the country. BR Ambedkar Mahasaya's ambitions are involved.. Dr. Telangana today became a separate state only by incorporating Article 3 in the Constitution with the vision of BR Ambedkar. Dr. Telangana state government is providing humane rule to SC, ST, BC, minority and women communities as well as poor upper caste people. BR Ambedkar is implementing the spirit of the Constitution', he said.

The Chief Minister is of the opinion that Telangana State, which has been a role model for the country in the past, will once again stand as a role model for the country by naming the state secretariat after Ambedkar Mahasaya, moving forward with vision in all fields. India's new Parliament building also Dr. Ambedkar's name is not a wishful thinking... In order to further enhance the honor of India, the Assembly has recently declared that there is no name better than the name of the creator of the Constitution of India. KCR that I will send a letter to the Prime Minister of India regarding this matter soon. KCR once again demanded the central government to name BR Ambedkar.

Meanwhile, all the arguments are coming to the fore whether the Telangana government has targeted BJP with this decision. As part of the recently held Telangana Assembly meetings, it is known that the Telangana Legislative Assembly on Tuesday passed a unanimous resolution to name the newly constructed Parliament building after Ambedkar. AIMIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi also supported this resolution. However, BJP counter-attacked TRS on this issue. BJP state president and MP Bandi Sanjay demanded that the secretariat building being constructed in Telangana should be named after Ambedkar and only after that talk about changing the name of the parliament building. In this background, the Telangana government issued a JV naming the Secretariat after Ambedkar, and the argument that the TRS has taken this decision to check the BJP seems to have gained strength.

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