Telangana: Rowdy gangs again in old town.. rowdy sheeter stabbed to death on the road

Telangana: A rowdy sheeter was brutally murdered on the sidewalk in the old town. Babu Khan was stabbed to death by his rivals in Hasannagar. They attacked with knives in front of a hotel while everyone was watching. As a result, the rowdy sheeter Babu Khan lost his life on the spot. It seems that the rowdy sheeter Babukhan was killed in the background. Residents of Hasannagar were shocked by the murder on the main road.

Why isn't Haji, the rowdy sheeter who caused a stir in the old city, arrested? Why are the police afraid? Majlis leader Asaduddin had raised questions in the past. They also demanded the police. He said that he should leave without arresting. Haji was brutally murdered within a few days. Since then a series of crimes have started. The murders that started with the murder of rowdy sheeter Haji are not stopping. A murder every month is creating a sensation.

In 2013, rowdy sheeter Haji was murdered. Sohail's gang killed Zafar, who participated in Haji's murder. Soon Sohail was killed by Asadgang. Asad was later killed by a rival gang in retaliation for the murder. Babukhan, a witness in the Asadmard case, has now been murdered. The final verdict in the murder case is expected today. He was brutally killed by a rival gang who thought he would testify in court. Babukhan was pressured to testify falsely. But it seems that Babukhan was killed by his opponents after refusing to do so.

The sister's daughter's husband Babukhan was pressured to give false evidence in Asad's case. But he was brutally murdered last night as he said that he would not bear false witness. On the other hand, there is a possibility that the sister's daughter's husband will also be abducted by Babu Khan's gang. All in all, the old town is going through a gang war.

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