Telangana: Relief for Telangana VRAs.. Minister KTR invited for discussions..

Telangana: It seems that the Telangana government has come down to the VRAs' agitation. Minister KTR and CS Somesh Kumar called 15 VRAs for discussions. The VRAs have been agitating for more than 50 days for the solution of the problems and the realization of the demands. They formed camps in front of Tehsildar offices across the districts and went on an indefinite strike. They are mainly demanding to implement the promises given by CM KCR as a witness of the assembly. They demand that the pay scale should be implemented..Promotions should be given to eligible VRAs, jobs should be given to their successors above 55 years of age.

In this order, a tense atmosphere was created in the Telangana Assembly on Tuesday. There was high tension due to the siege of VRAs and teachers' assembly. Chalo assembly siege led by VRA JAC led to tension. As part of the Chalo assembly siege, the police stopped the VRAs on their way to the assembly at the Telugu mother flyover under the leadership of the JAC of the VRAs. Police could not control the gathering of VRAs across the state in large numbers. In this background, there was a fierce fight between the VRA and the police. Pushing the police, the VRAs stationed themselves in the square near the statue of Ambedkar.

At the same time, some other VRAs tried to climb the flyover of Telugu Mother and move towards the Assembly. It was not possible to go ahead past the heavily deployed police. With that, the VRAs protested at the Ambedkar statue square. The police made heavy security and prevented the VRAs from going forward. Arrests continued at Indira Park, Telugu Thalli Flyover and Assembly. Police arrested hundreds of protesters and took them to the station. The VRAs who tried to besiege the Assembly by rallying from Indira Park demanded the implementation of the pay scale. They raised slogans in the Assembly to keep the CM's promise. In this order, there were arrests everywhere, lathi charge and tension.

Meanwhile, the Reddy community started agitating for the Reddy Corporation. Hyderabad assembly premises became a battlefield as all 7 unions called for a siege of the assembly today. A huge traffic jam was formed in the vicinity of the Assembly due to the agitation.

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