Telangana: Oh no, what a job it is.

If we suddenly see a small insect, we act. If a snake is seen suddenly, if it enters the house where it lives, the situation will be more frightening. Running here and there in fear of life is sure. If Anto Into has the courage, they will try to kill the snake that entered the house. Otherwise we will call the people around and tell them about it. If not because of them.. we will call the snake catchers. However, here a man was scared at first after seeing a snake that crawled into his house.. then he got brave and tried to kill it. However, the snake did not get stuck, and tried to let it out by putting smoke in the alleys. The attempt failed a bit.. the whole house caught fire. At the time of the festival, the family was on the road.

The details of this incident which took place in Badampet village of Kohir mandal of Sangareddy district are as follows. Gaddamidi of the same village was cleaning her house during the Mogulaya Dussehra festival when she saw the snake. Seeing that, Mogulaiya was scared.. and then tried to kill the snake with a stick. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't find the snake. Licked in the corners. Tired of that, Mogulaiya burned the tire of the car and put it in the place where the snake was. Mogulaiah's house was completely burnt down as the tire caught fire.. If you put smoke for the snake.. the whole family fell on the road as the house burnt down. In this incident, the victim's family members were at a loss as to what to do.

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